Understanding The Intention

The intent of everyone you interact with and everything you do is your choice, even when no choice appears to be because the Universe knows all. The feeling, feeling of mine of hearing the voice of God within clearly communicated by playback on the radio a year ago was one that brought a profound understanding that we are the sole producers of our reality from God alone, and not from man alone.

As we step into the third dimension and become more fleshly oriented, we block the promptings of our heart from God, and in turn, block our connection with the Divine. Releasing energy that comes from the subconscious becomes our habit, and we store information that we hold, every minute of every day of our life that information comes directly from the Spirit and connects us directly to God. In facilitating yourself to be a channel, sharing something you find profound and wonderful that resonates deeply within, you too will have faith, for what you seek has already been given to you.

When we know and live in the present moment, we are resonating with the energy of God and what is asked of us resonates back from us. When you are aware of the constant conversation of the Divine commands you should be assured that the command is interpreted and sent to the right place and the person or people for accurately carrying out those individual commands. It would seem that many of us have bought the philosophy that says God could have it exactly how we want it, its all just about being in the right place and being in the right place at the right time and being in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. I challenge the concepts of that. I challenge anyone or anybody to think with the mind of The possibilities are infinite, and when Jesus Christ first came to walk on the earth the world was in such shock over his teachings.

We were all horrified and the world yet again approaching the light of day that he was here, when most of us pondered on such things. Most of us questioned the sincerity of his being here and where he was leading us. Most of us sat in fear that he would lead us astray, yet the fear of the unknown posed no concern for him as he walked this earth, as he called it, the kingdom of God. He told us that we would all need to repent and confess that we were all sinners. Most of what he told us came from his teachings about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of God is within us. But the manifest love of his teaching mesmerized the masses and they still sat in fear. After the great ascension, of course, there are many left behind who to have adapted the concepts of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God being within us, as their own. This leaves the world in a pseudo situation of insecurity that is fearful and trying to keeps all out in the open for all to be revealed and to be re-created.

It is my hope to pass here some simple truths so that enlightened beings, new thought teachers will not have to turn around and re-teach at every turn. I understand that if you were to reap the benefits of reading this book, then you may never have to teach your self again, so I’m nor making this up. I understand that there is a big difference between desiring to share a simple truth or simple truths with others that benefit them and taking in the statistics of the effects of lack of truth. I am a witness to that fear of the Holy Spirit revealing and sending me messages that change the many concepts of God and want to destroy them.

These thoughts of God having the many different conditions are the work of the ego in the mind of the Holy Spirit. This is a situation where God for all intent does not REALLY exist inside of us, and that is there is absolutely nothing of God, Spirit, or even Spirit (Divine Consciousness) to be seen or known for well more than a second at most. It requires patient discipline when one starts to gently revisit this scenario and simply allow the master of miracles to act on their behalf. The ego will have you believing and doing many things with your life, but stop in your tracks and allow the Spirit of God to do its part of narrowing down the curriculum of experience required to be experienced in this ever-evolving manifested reality.

When God splits open to manifest in manifestation the ego will have by its side many colorful miraculous saints just as many criminals. No one can be considered holy in energy terms because all are true faceted particles who interact with masses, groups, and on rare occasions even upon their own ordering. They all play the role of extension in the pre-definition of God. This is one of the reasons for the many so-called saints who are not true saints.